Saturday, September 22, 2012

here i thought i was getting better about the blogging...i am trying...just some weeks are boring...n others are full of things im not sure i am ready to blog about...yet...give it time im sure ill get there :)

i got a job!! yay! at America First, i start training monday morning at 8 am {ugh.monday and tuesday are going to be the death of me...much too early n long for this gal!} so excited to be starting there, its only part time but it gets my foot in the door, and some money coming in for my i have to go shopping for appropriate clothing! :) {business and i have to cover my tattoo}

dyl pickle {nephew} turned one, so i have been in Idaho all week. and left Jake home alone {he has school} but it was fun to be up there and see everybody. Got to have lunch with some great friends before coming home friday. Sadly i didnt get to see everybody i wanted to see but time just seems to escape.

I am officially selling Jason's truck. it will be a little difficult to part with, but i dont drive it, it jsut sits around, and someone should be enjoying it!

im so excited for the positive changes that are happening and some to come. life is great, Were both very excited for our lives together and whats to come.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

well, all the applying is starting to have something to show! i had an interview today for a part time with a credit union in south salt lake, i think it went really well, was told if i dont hear anything within a week to call her and she will see whats hopefully i hear from them...

if not i have back ups! ;)

waiting to hear from the assistant manager at ross, i spoke with the manager and she loves me so i feel that, that may be a shoe in {hopefully}


i have an interview with bed bath and beyond tomorrow :)

i have decided to avoid even looking for a CNA job...i need a break from healthcare to get my back back to normal for a 23 year old...i am in need for a change, an easy job {with benefits}one that is less emotionally that doesnt involve people passing on a regular...

so cross your fingers for me! :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

items for sale...

so, were trying to sell some things and i figure i might as well list some on here...just in case anyone that stalks me in interested! ;)

list of items for sale- weight bench $50. T-mobile phones blackberry $80, LG Optimus $150. Black and Decker white Toaster $15. box of miscellaneous kitchen supplies {red pots and pans {clear glass lids}, wok, slicer, thermal coffee mug with lid, apple slicer} $40. 8 ft Love sac $200. Love bird hand book $5. textbooks{used at uvu}-electrical systems {callanan Wusinich} $10. Statistics concepts and controversies {moore, nots} $50. managerial accounting fourteenth edition and financial accounting second edition $60 {for set} can meet at UVU monday thru thursday. alo have a 1994 chevy c/k 1500 truck $3000. all is OBO please only serious offers. {this truck is Jakes. but i am also looking into selling Jason's just sits and i know he would like someone to be able to enjoy it as much as he if interested message me!}

Monday, September 3, 2012

im baaaaaack.

well its been a while...okay, more like forever...but i have been ♥
let me try to catch you up...

spent the summer living in a VW van, traveling up the west coast....mexico to canada! it was AMAZING i loved every minute of it! the coast is such a beautiful place. We left may 10, and rolled back into snowville July 27 {if i remember correctly}...just in time to visit Jason on his bday ♥ theres tons of picture documenting the trip...on if your not my friend add me...ive met many new people over fb because they tell me they read the blog.

after getting back we spent a couple days in snowville with my family then headed to SLC to find a place to live...took us a few days but we found a place moved in...well moved Jakes stuff in, mine was all still in Idaho in the trailer, luckily a friend brought it down to us :) then we were on a search for a vehicle...for me {i sold my car before the trip} I HATE searching for vehicles...they are all over priced and looked great online...then are a completely different vehicle when u show up in person!...but finally after looking high and low and everywhere in between i gave up. Jake found me a vehicle, lower than the price i expected to spend, in better condition/less miles than EVERYTHING we had previously looked at and i love it! {nissan xterra}

Now, well since we moved down here has been the search for jobs. Jake started school the 27th and had an interview at a ski resort...i sit at home :( applying for jobs ALL day...and baking...were going to be fattys before you know it! i swear i have applied for over 15 jobs...and have heard back from none! :( but ill just keep applying...someone has to hire me eventually right?! until then i am selling baked goods out of my apartment {from scratch, bread, cinnamon rolls, cookies, brownies...u name it ill bake it!}

some big changes had been made and more to come, but life is great, i am happier than i ever expected to be again...and cant wait for what life has a ahead...

ill try to be better about updating the blog...