Monday, January 30, 2012

i was asked to do a post about positive things i/we learned thru our cancer journey...n after writing down only positive, it didnt feel here are...

 things i learned thru our journey of cancer treatment...

most important, your memories are what you will have, no matter what, make the best memories possible. have fun. enjoy everyday, laugh, smile, have fun. and dont get mad at the bad days, they come, too often...but remember its another day you get to spend with your loved one, good or bad make the best of it.

take time for yourself, even if its just a long bath, make sure you have time for you to free your mind from everything and just be able to relax. {takes practice, i never mastered it}

dont feel guilty. its hard, i know. dont feel as if your supposed to just curl up and stop everything, no. you need to enjoy life, all of it, whether its a few short years together or 50, enjoy them all.

Live in the now. i am HUGE on this, i tell everyone to live in the now, it was Jason's motto, it was our motto, and is now my motto. its how we justified our trips {cruise and hawaii} along with taking days off work, and driving to nowhere...its a way of life.

dont let people make you believe that your doing it wrong. they have no clue.

stand up for yourself/selves. demand answers, treatment, remember you have options, from your drs, to treatment, hospitals and everything in between, it is YOUR choice.

if it doesnt feel probably isnt, your gut instinct is amazing. {we never went back to a radiologist after meeting her once, bad vibes}

do your research...but be prepared for AWFUL nights after...

no question is a stupid question, if you think it is google it first.

google is your best friend.

stay positive.

dont be afraid to break down in the middle of wal mart, work, car, lunch...ANYWHERE. cry when you need to cry. your true friends will do everything in their power to comfort you...or just cry with you, wherever you are.

ignore people. i know they are just trying to help, they care BLAH BLAH BLAH. people SUCK, the end. ignore the comments about what they would do, ignore the comparisons they WILL make about you and their long lost dads cousins friends mailmans uncles brothers daughters son twice removed, it doesnt matter. that was them, this is you. you are writing your own story.

talk about EVERYTHING, know what is wanted with treatment, extensive measures, funeral. EVERYTHING, dont avoid it, you will regret it. {write it down, you will forget at least half of it..} do this even if you arent sick, i fully recommend a book/binder with all important papers kept along with all wants, we didnt have one of these...

baking soda will get ANYTHING/EVERYTHING out of carpet, couch cushions, and your mattress. smell n stain gone.

and after writing this, we should all already know this. its nothing special that you only learn thru cancer treatment, im sure its nice to be reminded if going thru treatment now, and even if your not, sometimes we all need to be reminded to take a step back, take a deep breath n remember where u are who you are n what u want. n dont be afraid to give yourself everything you have ever wanted in life.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

hello all! its been a while...but im still here!

ive been keeping busy, or at least trying to! a close, amazing friend had her baby, n named her after Jason, i havent been over to see her yet but i will soon! i went to vegas for a friends bday, had a BLAST! it was definitely needed. had christmas in idaho, been spending much more time in logan. started the new year off great! and am convinced it is going to be a better year. {i know i said this last year so lets hope i dont jinx this one!} i know from the sounds of it i havent done much of anything...but i feel great, ive been spending a lot of time with a great person, who makes me happy...{fb stalkers im sure already know all about him lol}

today was my first day back at started out as a FAIL...but got a little better, i was sent home about an hour into my shift, then called back in a couple hours hoping to get more shifts, so keep your fingers crossed for me! i was surprised by how many people asked me how my husband was doing...

new year resolutions/changes, calling it changes might make them stick a little better!
ive gone vegetarian, dont know how long i will be, it could be a permanent thing..
exercise regularly/be more active
be positive!/enjoy everything, {live in the now}
be more spontaneous.

not much, but its good enough for me!