Saturday, February 2, 2013

Been super busy the past little while, working as many hours as I can before blueberry decides she is ready for the world. Going to birthing class, trying to find time for chiropractor appointments dentist along with trying to refinance my mortgage. AND baby showers on top of that one down two to go!

And if we don't sound busy enough with all of that, we decided to venture into small business and now sell doTERRA! I love this stuff have been using it for some time, so glad we decided to start selling it really is amazing, know so many people who use the oils n haven't been to the dr in years. (That's my plan) you all know how I feel about drs. Check out our website! if you have any questions about different oils, or what you should take for what please ask! Would love to help you out!

We're now 35 weeks, I can't believe it! She has been dropping lately, I think I've had contractions but nothing bad. Just hoping she doesn't decide to come too soon, need time to make it thru baby showers and get stuff set up, we will be getting the car seat out soon, I was told to have it ready starting at 36 weeks.

I've had a few off days, but those are bound to happen. Sleep seems to be a little harder to come by. I'm either up peeing or trying to get comfortable. I definitely feel I get a deeper sleep between 7-10 am than the entire 7 hours before that! Was thanked at work for being normal n not a crazy hormonal prego lady lol they have had a few that just randomly cry, my response- I don't cry in front of people, they ask questions lol...but seriously it's true.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm the worst blogger ever lately...sorry, I've been super busy with the holidays vacation work n now birthing class added on top of that along with attempting to get ready for the blueberry to arrive. I feel like I'm always running, n the few instances that I'm not I just want to try and relax.

So update-Xmas was great. Ate way too much candy gained too much weight, had a few different Xmas this year, with James mom, then his dad, then we were finally headed to idahomto have my families Xmas. After a couple nights in idaho we took off for a few days to Washington to visit friends. It was so nice to getaway and just be able to relax. Definitely didn't want to come home, it was so much warmer there!

Came home just in time for jake to start back up in school, n me to head back to work. Ugh, reality sucks.

Our birthing class started on the 9th, were doing hypnobithing, and so far I love it. We have 4 more classes to go so let's hope I can keep the positive attitude towards it :) I don't think it will be a problem. I love the thought it gives towards birth, I think everyone should do some research, at least a little bit to help with easing the scariness and fear towards labor.

I've been trying to decide when to stop working, and they are starting to ask...I have no clue tho! We don't know when she is going to decide she is ready to take on the world and I'd really like to work as long as I possibly can, but who knows...guess time will tell.

We are now 33 weeks-tomorrow!! Can't believe how fast it has been going, lately I've been craving salads...and milkshakes lol. I'm up 28ish lbs...which is hard for me to handle (I know I'm ridiculous) my last weight gain was a bit much my midwife asked if I was swelling anywhere...which I was! My ankles had been swelling quite a bit, but they have gone back to normal now. I was having an awful pain in my ankle it hurt to walk, we decided that was due to blueberry's head pushing on a nerve, along with the swelling, so I've been stretching more and doing yoga (got a prenatal yoga video for Xmas) it seems to be helping.  She is moving around like crazy, feel her so much more now than before its amazing. The last few times we've gone in for our checkups she has been head down, and exactly how she is supposed to be....lets hope she stays so compliant n doesn't end up being as stubborn as her parents...we will be in trouble!!

I think we have finally decided on a name....although we are still deciding so still have our list...but we finally have a name at the top of the list!

I still do my weekly photos, just obviously they don't get posted here....but you can see the on my Fb, along with my Instagram, hoperschenk.

We're trying  to prepare for baby showers as well! We have one in Brigham this month, then Idaho n here in SLC next month...busy busy busy!!! Hopefully I can find some time to feel fully relaxed before she makes her debut!