Monday, March 26, 2012

its been a while...okay maybe more than a little while...but lets face is getting better for me, i am not feeling as much need to write/blog...things are looking up for me, im not surrounded or filled with as much anger n negativity as i was in the beginning. dont get me wrong i have my days...days where nothing seems to be going right, n all i want to do is lay in bed and forget the world as i know it...but it gets better, it always gets better...

so as of lately.... i decorated for valentines day 

got a niece!
 went ice skating

i went camping! yes me...REAL camping. not my kind of camping. went to the desert, stayed 2 was freezing! but i loved it, and cant wait to go again!
{goblin valley}

 {i did that. ALL 8 miles {without peeing}}
 {had to get brownie points n climb up into the hole}

a dear friend of mine lost her boyfriend...that was a ROUGH week {maybe longer...probably longer} 

bought a van {yes a VW van}
{for an EPIC summer road trip...more details to come}

have gone on a few bike rides...havent learned to drive it..YET...but i am still planning on it!

became FB official...yes i am "officially" in a relationship, i am happy and things are great.

went to the color festival 


trying to rent my house out. it sucks being here, its just way too much house for me n frankie...

trying to sell some things, couch, tv, mirror, chair, foosball table, air hockey table, ottoman/storage thing...just to name a few {if interested hit me up!}

someone referred to Jason as my "ex" the other day...i had no clue how to react...but needless to say i was PISSED. Jason will always be my husband, he will always be my first real love....always be my superman.

still working, same place, things are definitely different than before, but they are good...

still vegetarian, still being healthy...well trying havent been doing the best lately but i started strong today!
{almost down all the weight i want to lose, still have about 10 lbs...any tips for those last few?!}

still havent decided what i want to be when i grow up...all i know is i want to be happy. so as of now ill work towards that :)

as it gets closer to the 1 year mark i tend to have more bad days...but they are expected, and i am in a better place to be able to handle them, not just alone, i am surrounded by amazing people who help me thru them...