Saturday, February 2, 2013

Been super busy the past little while, working as many hours as I can before blueberry decides she is ready for the world. Going to birthing class, trying to find time for chiropractor appointments dentist along with trying to refinance my mortgage. AND baby showers on top of that one down two to go!

And if we don't sound busy enough with all of that, we decided to venture into small business and now sell doTERRA! I love this stuff have been using it for some time, so glad we decided to start selling it really is amazing, know so many people who use the oils n haven't been to the dr in years. (That's my plan) you all know how I feel about drs. Check out our website! if you have any questions about different oils, or what you should take for what please ask! Would love to help you out!

We're now 35 weeks, I can't believe it! She has been dropping lately, I think I've had contractions but nothing bad. Just hoping she doesn't decide to come too soon, need time to make it thru baby showers and get stuff set up, we will be getting the car seat out soon, I was told to have it ready starting at 36 weeks.

I've had a few off days, but those are bound to happen. Sleep seems to be a little harder to come by. I'm either up peeing or trying to get comfortable. I definitely feel I get a deeper sleep between 7-10 am than the entire 7 hours before that! Was thanked at work for being normal n not a crazy hormonal prego lady lol they have had a few that just randomly cry, my response- I don't cry in front of people, they ask questions lol...but seriously it's true.


  1. I'm really happy for you, Hope! Congratulations on your blueberry. She is going to be so beautiful!

  2. I hope you still check these comments. I read your blog about Jason's fight against melanoma - a fight we're engaged in now, as my husband of 5 years deals with widespread metastatic melanoma. Like you I'm leaving no stone unturned. Your persistance and optimism are amazing. In only a few short years better meds have come along, still there's a very long way to go when it comes to melanoma. So far meds can only extend life, but I feel we are so very close to a cure.

    I'm so very happy your life has moved on so wonderfully. My bet is that Jason has helped in all of this. I hope your life as a new mom is full of love and wonderment. There's really nothing greater. Parenting leaves little time for blogging! Hopefully this is a sign that all is well in your new life.

    1. i felt the need to get on and check comments today, and am so glad i did! i wish you the best of luck in your battle! i have learned many things after Jasons passing that i would be glad to share with you if interested...being a mother is absolutely amazing. i keep meaning to start blogging again...its just taking some time getting back into it...thank you for the kind words. and again, good luck in your journey.

  3. Hello, I found your blog and thought I would try to contact you - I guess this is the only way I can find.
    My husband was killed in a motorcycle accident less than 2.5 weeks ago. He was 22 and I'm 21. We were together for 3 1/2 years but married for only 10 1/2 months. I know it's a different story than yours but after reading some of your early posts and seeing your story, I have so much of that pain, numbness, questions, anger, feelings of every kind...
    I guess why I'm posting is because of anyone you would likely understand my pain, and I also want to know if it ever gets better? If the pain ever dulls? If you ever come to a fuller peace about his death? If you ever feel okay enjoying yourself, or the guilt over laughing or feeling okay for a time ever fully goes away?
    At this time I feel, as I'm sure you probably did, that I could never love another like my husband - like I could never split my heart or find someone as amazing. He was (is) my heart - my soulmate. Did you ever reach a point where there are no more feelings of guilt or pain over moving forward (not moving "on"), or do you just learn to live with the feelings?

    I guess right now I just feel lost and so alone and I don't know how to be a 21-year-old "widow." And don't want to be. It still feels unreal and impossible and like life is ended, and it terrifies me that it must go on for me. I just need someone who understands what I'm walking through.